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Building the Machine:
Metal Fabrication:
Tools required:
The Momus CNC router can be constructed with common hand and power tools, such as those that would be found in a typical woodworking shop. In addition to basic equipment, such as that shown here, a drill press and table saw will make construction significantly easier. While not absolutely required, these two pieces of equipment will make it easier to achieve higher precision and consistency in placement of holes and cuts. However, the design of the machine can accommodate relatively wide tolerances during construction, so cuts can be less than precise without effecting the final accuracy and performance.
The metal mechanical parts of the machine can be fabricated with basic shop tools. The standard thickness of the material is used for all critical dimensions, minimizing the need for the builder to maintain high tolerances when constructing the parts. The majority of metal fabrication consists of making straight cuts, and the drilling and tapping of holes.
Wood Fabrication:
The wood parts that will form the base of the machine can be cut with basic woodworking tools. All cuts can be accomplished with a circular saw and guide fence, although a table saw will make many cuts easier, as well as improving accuracy and consistency. Other common woodworking tools and supplies such as drill bits, glue, and clamps will be needed.
Assembly and Electronics Installation:
Final assembly of the Momus CNC router consists of installing the mechanical components to the base, installing the control electronics and wiring, and aligning and adjusting the machine.
Sample Pages from Assembly Manual:
The Momus CNC construction manual is a 170 page PDF document that has complete drawings, illustrations, and assembly instructions as required to construct the machine. It contains over 350 photographs of the fabrication and assembly process. In addition to documenting construction of the machine, the manual also includes information on the basics of CNC, software workflow, structural design basics, and wiring diagrams for two popular models of stepper motor drives.
Construction of a Momus CNC router is a substantial Do-It-Yourself project that will require an expenditure of both time and money. The machine is designed such that its construction requires the fabrication of numerous components, out of several types of materials. The intent of this page is to give as complete an overview as possible of the scope of the project. Construction of the machine can roughly be broken down into three phases: fabrication of metal components, fabrication of wood components, and final assembly/adjustment. Overall skill level required for construction is intermediate.

To date, it is estimated that over fifty Momus CNC routers have been constructed worldwide. A vibrant and active community of knowledgeable builders can be be found on a dedicated CNCzone sub-forum. Please join us on the forum here.

Visit the Gallery page of this website to see examples of machines that have been completed or are in-process.
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How long will it take to build?
The amount of time that will be required to construct the machine will vary from builder to builder, depending on factors such as tools that are available and an individual's skill level. The chart below documents the amount of time that it took to construct the machine that is shown on this website and in the assembly manual.
All current known errors in the plans are listed HERE.