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The Momus CNC router:
The completed Momus CNC router is a fully enclosed and self-contained machine. There are no external boxes required for containment of electronic equipment, and the dust enclosure is integral to the machine design. The front half of the machine enclosure hinges upward, to allow unobstructed access to the bed area.
Click here for machine construction images.
The Momus CNC router is a gantry-style machine. However, unlike most routers of this type, the Momus design places its outer bearings directly in line with the gantry tube to maximize stiffness and prevent deflection while cutting. This results in the most accurate cut possible.
Both the X and Y axes of the machine are belt driven, which gives high speed, zero backlash, and is tolerant of any small misalignments.
The electronic controls for the machine are housed directly in the side of the machine base. This greatly minimizes the number of cables going to the machine and makes it easy to transport.